Project updates (Logbook style)

Note: The report is being written from the first day this project started in order to have introductory and design parts ready by the final phase of the project

From 15 June To 01 July 2009
Software development took place using PHP, SQL and in some parts javascript.
Algorithms designed
From 02 July to 10 July 2009
  • Randomisation algorithm developed in order to show random keys to the user from the passkey library

  • From 11 July to 20 July 2009

    From 21 July to 01 August 2009
    This is the time when the Questionaires were really created.

    From 02 August to Present

    Monday 03 August 2009
    - 4 more people that would like to get involved in the experiment replied positively! (Total 19 participants)
    Some preliminary thoughts and some relevant discussion with some of the participants was made
    Those who have web or programming skills mentioned some security risks of the system.
    These drawbacks were already mentioned in the proposal. (Brute force attacks, permutations, intersection) These have to be analysed in the report for sure
    Some measures that could be taken were proposed. These have to be criticized in the report along with the results of the surveys after the use of the system

    - Scheduling the experiment and how it will be conducted
    Two phases:
    1) Pilot phase (first Week of August)
    2) Main Experiment (second Week of August)

    11 August 2009
    Experiment started!
    12:49 12 August 2009 So far 14 participants used the system and replied to questionaire!
    17:05 12 August 2009 The minimum number of participants reached 20!! More to go. Facebook, twitter and emails are used in order to find new participants.
    20:08 12 August 2009 27 people replied to the questionnaire!
    21:45 12 August 2009 30 people used the system and completed the survey!
    12:08 13 August 2009 Participation climbed to 52
    18:29 13 August 2009 60 people have used the system and replied to our survey. Expecting more by the time the experiment will stop. (Deadline is tomorrow afternoon when analysis of the results will start)
    19:58 13 August 2009 So far 66 people completed the survey!
    21:23 13 August 2009 New record acheived! The 70th participant just completed the survey!
    22:14 13 August 2009 Number of participants is now 79!

    14 August 2009
    Results taken and very brief analysis was made.
    First view conlcusions were made!

    15 August 2009
    Analysis of the results started!

    18 August 2009
    Some results are being compared to password authentication systems. and a significant analytical conclusion is attempted to be made! (Desirable achievement)
    Comparisons between questions results
    Comparisons between other systems
    Deep analysis of each questions results and the meanings of numbers is beeing investigated.
    Report draft is being written So far:
    Chapter 1: Introduction - Problem Definition (draft version finished)
    Chapter 2: Literature Review (draft verstion finished)
    Chapter 3: Methodology (draft Version finished)
    Chapter 4: System Overview (draft version - finished)
    Chapter 5: Design (draft version - finished)
    Chapter 6: User Study - Experiment (draft finished)
    Chapter 7: Results Analysis (draft finished)
    Chapter 8: Conclusions - Future Work (draft finished)

    21 August 2009
    Analysis of the results is being made.
    Some conclusions can be made about the system.

    22 August 2009 to 27 August 2009
    In depth analysis of the results section by section:

    28 August 2009
    Analysis of the results are being written in the report...
    Chapter 7 takes longer than it was expected due to comparison made with text based authentication systems as well as looking for similarities or contradictions to other systems such as H-IBAS-H, Awase-E, Deja Vu, which more or less are based on the same manner as ColourAuth.

    31 August 2009

    Significant conclusion has been made: Authentication systems that make use of colour based keys are not relying exclusively on recognition. They rely on both recognition and recall! This leads to the finding that a combination of the two methods in authentication could lead to a very secure and usability successfull authentication system.

    Draft of the report is ready. Revision and Corrections are going to be made.

    01 September 2009 to 03 September 2009
    Syntax errors in document are being corrected
    Tables and charts are being optimised in the appendix

    04 September 2009
    Analysis of the results draft sent to supervisor
    All the responses from esurveyspro.com printed, as evidence of conduct of the experiment

    06 September 2009 to 07 September 2009
    Feedback on draft from supervisor received. comments and suggestions taken into account and corrections have been made

    08 September 2009
    END of Project
    Report sent to a binding service.

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