1) Problem specification and objectives

The project explore the strengths and flaws of an authentication system using one-time passwords for internet banking users .
(A) Implement an experimental authentication system that uses one-time passwords.
(B) Test the experimental system by conducting surveys with real users.
(C) Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of one-time password authentication using the experimental results.

2) BIB system

The BIB system is an experimental authentication system use one- time password method. BIB system is stands for the first letters of Babylon Internet Banking .This project intends to build an
experiment by using a simple program with the idea of the one time password and practice it on internet banking users. The method used in BIB system is a challenge/response. The main
objectives that the BIB system try to achieve is:
1-Make the user knows the idea of the one-time password.
2-Make the user knows the fact that he/she doesn’t have to keep his/her responses aside.
3- BIB system is an experiment and not a real system with high security
4- Make BIB system simple to use.
5- Develop a survey and collect real data from users.

3) Experiment

The survey was conducted to the Lloyds tsb bank internet banking users. The place was the Lloyds bank and the university of Portsmouth students. The users have been chosen randomly, because this method was efficient and give more accurate estimation than other way of choosing users. This method is based on choosing 60 % of the users as male and the 40 % as females. All the users have been asking their opinion about the BIB system with compare with the well-known authentication systems such as the username and password and the PIN code in the ATM machine. On average, each interview took about 15 minutes.
The experiment was conducted by means of face- to- face interviews. During the experiment, the participants were invited to:
  1) Took the Internet bank card with its own ID; this will be used to start the experiment. Keep in mind the challenge after each time the ID had entered and calculate the response for three times.
2) Answer the survey questions.

4) System Architecture


5) BIB system Pictures

Saif Al-Wazzan
Course Code: B382, Student ID No. 437643
Supervisor:Mr. Chi , Moderator: Dr Branislav

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