Group Design Project – ENG500

ENG500 Individual logbook – Summary of marks

Academic year 2012/13

Marks are provisional and subject to plagiarism detection using Turnitin and approval at the Unit Assessment Board. The coursework contributed 20% to the ENG500 unit mark.

Students may view their individual coursework marks by using these steps:
  1. Login to Mosaic.
  2. View your individual coursework page. The coursework mark will be displayed at the top left corner of the page.

The coursework must include considerations of:
  1. Shifting the Burden systems archetype
  2. Eroding Goals systems archetype
  3. Rules of Conduct from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)

Coursework that did not meet those requirements were marked 35% or less. The second graph below indicates that the majority of students revised this coursework 10 days or less during the entire academic year.

Coursework with higher marks contained thoughful, original and incredibly honest insights about the student personally, the other students in the group, the coursework assignment and the wider scope of final year individual projects and employment after university. Although the coursework is not accessible to the public, I'd encourage students to seek out classmates with higher marks to read their coursework and talk to them about the contents of their writing.

The coursework results are summarized below using 2 graphs.