Group Design Project – ENG500

ENG500 Individual product design concept

Academic year 2013/14

The coursework was due December 4, 2013 and contributed 20% to the unit mark. The coursework was limited to a maximum of 1,000 words, excluding citations and references.

Research and design one method, technology or material for use with a new product to remotely monitor patients at a residential care home for the elderly. The new product must:

Marks are provisional and subject to plagiarism detection using Turnitin and approval at the Unit Assessment Board.

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  1. Login to Mosaic
  2. Find your coursework submission page in the list displayed below (there will be an arrow pointing to your coursework in the list)
  3. View your individual coursework page
  4. The coursework mark will be displayed at the top left corner of the page
  5. Coursework marking feedback comments are displayed at the bottom of the coursework page

Coursework submissions with marks of 70 or higher are highlighted yellow in the list below. The distribution of marks is displayed in the graph at the bottom of the page.