Introduction to Algorithms and Programming – ENG421

ENG421 Coursework 2 summary of marks

Academic year 2012/13

Marks are provisional and subject to plagiarism detection using Turnitin and approval at the Unit Assessment Board. The coursework contributed 25% to the ENG421 unit mark.

Students may view their individual coursework marks by using these steps:
  1. Login to Mosaic.
  2. View your individual coursework page. The coursework mark will be displayed at the top left corner of the page.

Marks of 50 and above indicate that the program displayed the correct output for all test input values. Marks below 50 indicate that either the program displayed incorrect output values for some test input values or that the coursework failed to meet one of the other marking criteria.

One of the hands used for testing the coursework was a full house. This hand was frequently identified incorrectly as a 3 of a kind hand - even though it was the same hand as the example provided in the coursework description. This error was the primary reason for many of the 47 and 49 marks, which could have been avoided through more software testing.

Many programs mixed logic processing with graphics processing, which tends to increase complexity, reduce opportunities for re-using code and increases difficulty when debugging. The history of saved versions rarely showed an incremental approach of breaking the problem into smaller sequential steps for implementation, e.g. card identification, hand identification, basic comparison of hands, advanced comparison of similar hands, drawing of a card, drawing of a hand, drawing of the winner indicator and error handling.

Although all coursework had some amount of pseudo code, many of the pseudo code did not match the source code. When the pseudo code provided a different approach to solving the problem than the software, it indicated that the pseudo code was not used to assist the development process.

Coursework submissions with marks of 70 or higher are highlighted yellow in the coursework submissions page. The coursework assignment is available online. Below are 3 examples of coursework images with extra animation features:

The coursework results are summarized below using 2 graphs.