Introduction to Algorithms and Programming – ENG421

ENG421 Coursework 2

Academic year 2013/14

The coursework was due April 23, 2014 and contributed 25% to the unit mark. Design and implement a C program to:
  1. Read from standard input one valid bet on a single number.
  2. Randomly select a winning number.
  3. Display an animation of the roulette wheel consisting of at least 2 images.
  4. Display the user bet, the winning number and the payout value (calculated on the basis that each bet value is 1) on the image at the end of the animation.

The roulette wheel must be drawn according to the following requirements:

Use the compiler to save and submit your coursework. Use the steps of the software development life cycle. Login to save your work.

Marks are provisional and subject to plagiarism detection using Turnitin and approval at the Unit Assessment Board.

Students may view their individual coursework marks by using these steps:
  1. Login to Mosaic
  2. Find your coursework submission page in the list displayed below (there will be an arrow pointing to your coursework in the list)
  3. View your individual coursework page
  4. Coursework marks are displayed at the top left corner of the coursework page
  5. Coursework marking feedback comments are displayed at the bottom of the coursework page

Coursework submissions with marks of 70 or higher are highlighted yellow in the list below.