Writing and Research in the Workplace – ENG400

ENG400 Coursework 2 summary of marks

Academic year 2012/13

Marks are provisional and subject to plagiarism detection using Turnitin and approval at the Unit Assessment Board. The coursework contributed 70% to the ENG400 unit mark.

Students may view their individual coursework marks by using these steps:
  1. Login to Mosaic.
  2. View your individual coursework page. The coursework mark will be displayed at the top left corner of the page.

Some of the coursework illustrated original thinking and the willingness to consider complex issues from the personal perspective and the wider career and societal perspectives. Although the coursework is not accessible to the public, I'd encourage students to seek out classmates with higher marks to read their coursework and talk to them about the contents of their writing.

Having finished a year at university, I hope that students will be more willing to reflect on the possibility that perhaps the most important skill you can learn in the first year is an honest view of your strengths, weaknesses and personal goals. That knowledge affects everything you do at university and later.

Many of the marks could have been improved if the students did not wait until the last minute to do coursework which was assigned at the start of the academic year. Look at the second graph and compare the number of days that students revised the coursework with the number of days during the academic year.

The coursework results are summarized below using 2 graphs.