Group Design Project – B202

B202 Coursework for academic year 2010/11

This page contains product designs by 9 teams. There are 12-13 students in each team.


Team journals are marked each week and contributes 40% to the unit mark. Journals can be viewed by the public after the submission date. Team journals must include peer marks for each week. Do not include full names or student ID numbers. Use either first name only, surname only or initials.

Week starting Feb 7, 2011:

Week starting Feb 14, 2011:

Week starting Feb 21, 2011:

Week starting Feb 28, 2011:

Week starting March 7, 2011:

Week starting March 14, 2011:

Week starting March 21, 2011:

Weeks starting March 28, 2011 and April 4, 2011:

Week starting May 2, 2011:

Week starting May 9, 2011:


Product demonstrations on May 16, 2011 contributed 30% to the unit mark.


Product design reports were due May 29, 2011 and contributed 30% to the unit mark.