Group Design Project – B202

B202 Coursework for academic year 2009/10

This page contains new product designs by 10 teams. There are 11-12 students in each team.
  1. The product feasibility study was due March 31, 2010 and contributed 30% to the unit mark.
  2. The product demonstration was due May 29, 2010 and contributed 30% to the unit mark.
  3. The product design report was due June 6, 2010 and contributed 40% to the unit mark.

Prometheus FC

The aim of this project is to build a new System platform that will enable:


Designing a portable handheld photo viewer running a configured version of linux with the ability of the device's operation to be an entirely interactive, intuitive experience

Team Quality

Is dragging around bulky projection equipment dragging you down? Are you worried about the availability of a projector where you presenting? Are blurry images and short projection distances making your audience yawn? Are mini-projectors good for shining pictures on your friend's back and eyes, but nothing else? Well, there is more to it. With this projector, you will enjoy high-quality images, huge projected images, and handheld portability. Impress your audience with the quality and style of your presentation, and then watch them gasp in amazement as you use the projector as a Personal Computer. That's right, we designing the World's First PictureBook!

This amazing PictureBook is a 2 in 1 device that performs both functions exceptionally as a projector and a personal computer! The personal computer is a high-powered, feature-rich mobile entertainment partner and workstation. Enjoying sophisticated elegance and the power to multitask and get the most out of your multimedia and workstation content. The highly responsive touch screen will make navigation quick and easy. Take advantage of the PC's Webcam, video, music player, office tools, USB Ports, Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, dual digital microphone and audio jack and battery life for a quality presentation experience. A combination of high-tech functionality, portability, and convenience will make the PictureBook a guaranteed hit!

The objectives of the PictureBook are:
- To project images and pictures with long projection range.
- To perform the functionality of a Personal computer
- To be an instrument of presentation
- To be a mobile entertainment partner
- To be a mobile workstation

Looking at the Proposed PictureBook design at a glance,
- 2 in 1 device
- Powerful Projector with large image projection and long projection range
- High performance hand-held tablet-like personal computer
- A no-compromise display
- Rich mobile entertainment partner and workstation Features


Mammowsh group decided to create a project which undertakes building interactive table.

The Project is based on a product mainly targeted to be used in cafes, bars or restaurants.
Users will benefit from using the interactive table by ordering drinks or food without wasting any time waiting for waiters to record their orders. Also users will be able to view a brief history of the Cafe bar/Restaurant. The interactive table will have built in sensors so the monitor won’t work unless there is at least one person sitting around the table. In that way, there will be no waste of electricity.

Each member of the group will have a specific target to develop and work in. The team is required to buy components and fix the parts with a set budget of £200. The project has a set of requirement and deadlines to meet.

Team Chris Starkey


Photoserve is a complete hardware and software system that enables Bluetooth devices to upload photos to a live slideshow. Photoserve is aimed at medium to large, public venues like bars and clubs that have an existing video network formed of multiple projectors and screens.


Situation: To develop a product or service that allows the user to display at least 500 photo's using any means of hardware or software within the advised budget of no more than £200.

Brief: For this Project we are producing a teddy bear with a built in display combined with a touch screen interface, aimed at the 4 to 6 year old unisex bracket. The product will both function as a standard teddy bear along with having the ability to store and view over 500 photo's.


Our product will be able to access images and photographs stored online on a remote internet server designed for the product, or from social networking and other image hosting websites. It can then display these images through a LCD display sold with the product, or a similar compatible display, whilst also being able to manipulate the image display using remote control. The key innovation in this product is the use of these remotes to also identify the user and access their specific images from the given locations

Chi's Burger Inc


Our Product

Chi's Burger Inc. is one of the up and coming innovators in On-line Tourism websites that allows for photo sharing. Our product will be designed around the development of a database-driven website, that will give users the opportunity to upload their own personal photo's from which they have taken whilst travelling from any destination in the world. User's will be provided with their own secure accounts, in which they can manage their photos, search the site for photos of any given destinations, provide comments on other members pictures as well as be able to request an e-card - a new on-line postcard style service.

Our Team

The Chi's Burger Inc. team consits of 12 students who all specialise in the area of software design and development. It is essential that we meet the requirements we set in order to produce a product that will suit the needs of our users. It's important to have a strong group cohesiveness or it could potentially upset the balance of the team.

Team-age Pregnancy

Building a digital photo frame that fits inside a wallet.

Team Cuddles

Hi, we're team Cuddles, our product is an interactive coffee table. This allows people to sit around a table in a living room environment and browse photos, much like a photo album, but through mordern technology.