B101 Technology Context

Micronas Semiconductor MAS3507 MP3 Decoder


The Micronas semiconuctor was created by Micronas, it was implemented on 1998. One of the problems that the company faced was that the microchip wasnít, steady and didnít stay up in the market as long as it could have, but in prospective it was an instant hit the people loved it. The device was a Diamond Rio PMP300, which was basically an mp3 player which allows you to listen to music. The device contained a MAS3507 MP3 decoder chip, which was a signal processor, which had instructions to optimize for audio compression and decompression. This device was created many years back, to compare to the modern technology this was nothing, which holed up to several songs, compared todayís technology where you are able to store over 1000 videos and songs.

The difference between the previous technology and todayís technology, the quality of the music, it has improved by a massive difference, also you are now able to watch videos in HD. From reading the article it shows a clear idea what Iím reading about, it narrows most of the areas. the microchip on the article informs me that its a microchip designed for mp3s and music sound audio device.

In 1997

The information provided on the article seems clear and easy to understand, it informs us the creator of the microchip, and tells us the potential of the microchip and what it is capable of. From reading the context provided I can parsley say, I know a bit about the context, such as how its changed and the advantages it brought to us. According from reading the article it looks up to date, maybe a few years old, but a lot hasnít changed in a few years. This is because the article indicates the difference of the device, for example the difference in 1997 when you can store several songs and indicates now you are able to store thousands of songs. Also the context also told me, even the great things can be forgotten, the Micronas semiconuctor might have been a good device back then, but whatís good about it, when itís all forgotten. The spelling and the grammatical was good, didnít spot any spelling mistakes.


The purpose of the article is to inform the audience about the technology in 1998, for example it gives us awareness how the technology has developed, and for example itís informing us that, technology has taken over. In a few years time there would be more and more efficient technology. The article written can be used and read from the general public, but it is more focused on the expert audience. This is because most of the general public donít no allot about microchips and etc. To understand and be interested in the microchip it would be the expert audience.

The information provided is a fact, which is informing the public about the microchip, for example itís informing us what the purpose of the microchip was, the purpose it was created was to store data in an mp3 audio device. from reading the article it tells us a bit about the market and how it can change, for example the microchip created was a hit, but now its un-none. i think the author of the articular has a few views it has covered for example informing the audience what has happened to the microchip created. also informing us how the market has changed, such as the microchip being forgotten. it is trying to bring old news back into today's news and how it helped towards the development of the iPod.

From reading the article and doing some external search, it seems to me that threes not many information available for the article or the author, this could be because the author might not be well know, also the reason why threes not many information available for the microchip is because it might not be healed in the market as long enough. From reading the article it doesnít seem that the author is well know, most likely he or she doesnít work for any organization.


Intersil ICL8038 Waveform Generator (circa 1983*)

acoring to the artical the Intersil ICL8038 Waveform Generator was created around the 1980s. the key technical issues was that they didnt know how to use it at first. it was created to be used temperamental, but as time went buy the engneers discovered away they could use it into good use. after decovering the chip reliably, they put it into good use, after some time they managed to sell hundreds of millions. this was used for the famed Moog music synthesizers , Ēblue boxesĒ andĒphreakersĒ used to beat the phone companies. one of the issues that the technicians had, was they they where unsure how to use it first, but after figuring away to use the microchip, it was a major hit, which enabled them to use it in a music method device. according from the articular shows that the microchip is very useful, and at this moment is still going on. which indicates its a very well microchip.

the information provided was clear, but it could have include abit more information, about the creater, and what has happened with the microchip. also another thing is that it doesnt seem that the artical is updated. the artical contains blogs about the microchip, which is indicating it must have been a huge hit, back in 1983. from reading the artical, i cant verify it with my own knologe, this is because, the microchip was created a long time ago, before i was born. the artical doesnt have many sorcues, i have found a few, but some are not very reliable. from reading the artical it doesnt seem as there was any major spelling mistakes or grammer errors.


the artical written was targeted for the expert public, this is because a lot of people dont know much about microchips and the way they are processed. but the artical can be viewed for the generall public, but dont think they would find it very intresting. the purpose of the artical is to give infromation about the egsistent of the microchip, informaing the audiance about how its still helping towards the devices created. the information provided was a fact, because it wasnt make up, the way you could tell was because it includes the dates.

the information provided on the article seems to be true, this is because the article gives facts and dates on whats happened to the microchip, according to the article it says they are still trying to make more technology with the chip created. this is informing me that its a great peace, as its still being used in production.