B146 Logbook -- Team 6

In todays lab session we started to produce our 'Preliminary Report' to manage our time, The team leader assigned each team member different areas of the report to cover, so there was no wastage of time, and work wasnt done twice. We started to produce the report in Google Docs, and shared it with all team members. This meant everyone was able to see what other members were doing, and they also had the opportunity to add small bits of information immediately, rather than waiting until the next meeting.

What tasks were given to who?

Jas Saund
Implementation Technologies
Project Tasks
Project Management

Alexandros Zampas
Task Assignments
Work Schedule
Project Planning

Dan Lett
Preliminary Design
Project Objectives/Deliverables

In the 2nd Lab session, team members worked on the report together, rather than their sections, this meant that everyone had the opportunity to include their idea about what the project is going to include. The team leader also asked others how long we should spend on each task, for example: Website Development, Choosing the topic. etc. Once we had all agreed on how much time we wish to spend on this, the team leader created a gantt chart which we then included in our preliminary report. We then did a peer assesment with other teams to give feedback about the pliminary report, Because we were also looking at others reports, it also gave us hints and advice on how to make our reports better.

We then went away for our Easter Holiday!
As Alex said he will be extremely hard to get hold of and we wouldnt be able to contact him, I gave him the task of making the database, this was because it was something that he could get on with easily, Whilst myself and Jas produced the website, Jas and I were able to contact eachother whenever we wanted. Alex also informed me the only way i was able to contact him was via Facebook.
We then started to create our website, I (The team leader) created a template with Jas Saund as a core to our website, This meant that most of the pages are going to be the same. Once we created a template, We sat down together the next day and designed a links chart, showing where the links are going to be on the home page, and where each link goes after that. We decided that our main links along the top of all pages would be 'Home' 'Products' 'HowTo' 'Sell' and 'Contact Us' these links would be on all pages; you can access any page no matter what page you are currecntly on. Jas and I kept in contact lots, via Email and Text, We Emailed eachother webpages in files and got feedback on eachothers work so we were able to improve and so other team mates approved. Whilst the team leader created more webpages, Jas went onto producing our HowTo videos for our website, The views of our website will not only be able to purchase computer components, but be given a tutorial on how to install or replace the component.
After a couple of weeks and many text messages sent, between myself and Jas, we had decided the initial design and format of our website was good, we then contacted Alex asking him how the database was coming along, as he hadn't contacted us about it. After a couple of days, Alex replied saying he hadnt done anything on the database as he didnt know how to log in. This left myself and Jas thinking and worried that we had to design, configure and link the database to our website in a couple of days, Along with still having to do tweaks to the layout of the website,
When we came to attempting to create our database, Jas and I came up with a problem, we couldnt log into MySQL Admin Page, After hours of trying to source the problem and a couple of emails between the teamleader and Rinat Khusainov, we eventually found our problem, the password we were entering was our university password, not the password we were given, A small human error which cost valuable time.
On Monday 23rd April Myself and Jas met up at my house to crack on with the database. We used Jas' MySQL login on the MySQL Admin page:
MySQL database details:
server name : mysql.ee.port.ac.uk
sql login name : up619966
sql password : brtb5973
database name : up619966

Within this log in we created a 'Products' database With product name, ID, Quantity, We then decided that it would be better and easier to have the database in the team leaders account. So we exported the database from Jas' account to my account. Once our database was created, we made a php script which linked to the website and the database, the php script told the database what to search for. Once this was configured and the search option was added to our website, We went on to testing and validation to see if the queries on the database worked. I went on the website and typed into the search bar: 'Hard Drive' I then clicked search and all the hard drives that were in our products list or database appeared. This was a good sign that we had got our database to work.
Another problem that we came up with when producing our website was our videos that we were going to include in our HowTo page. Jas recorded the videos on his HD Video camera, which unfortunately were saved in .MOV Files, which our website wouldnt support, This meant we had to use video editing software to convert the video into .FLV format which our website supported. Once we had converted the vidoes into the correct format, we uploaded them to our website in the correct pages, ensuring that we stored the videos onto the server as well, to ensure that the videos would play. We also have reduced the amount of memory the videos are to reduce lag on our website, and we have set the videos so there is no buffering.
On the due date of the website myself and Jas spent a few hours, improving and modifying our website to ensure that all of our pages were working.

I have updated the msql database. i have input product names, prices, quantity, and produce date. i have also managed to create a tunnel between my home laptop and the servers in portsmouth. this has allowed me to copy some files over. the website has now got some pages uploaded on the internet.

Emails Sent...
Jas to Dan I have created all the Videos now, ill send them to you so you are able to view them, Let me know what you think.
Dan to Jas, Heres the template i have created for our website, let me know what you think, feel free to make any changes, and email it back to me in 24 hours. Cheers mate!
Jas to Dan, I liked the template mate, i have made a couple of minor changes to it, just about layout, I love our logo! Hope you approve of the changes i have made.