B146 Logbook -- Team 5

(2/3 members present)
Meeting to cover the basics of the team formation, who is team leader, what our roles will be within the group and what project we should do.

Team Members:

Jack Duedren (Team leader)
Chris Bourne
Yoz Rahman

We have decided we will all hold equal roles within the group, with tasks being decided as we progress through the different stages of the project.

After some discussion we have decided to base our project on an e-commerce site selling DVD's to the general public.

Tasks to cover for 23/02/12:

1) Look at current sites selling DVD's to get a feel for how they are laid out and run
2) Look over the brief for the preliminary report to gain an understanding on what it is asking of us.#
3) Relay information of the meeting back to the third team member who was not present.

(All present)

Brief recap on the past week of 23/02/12:

1) We have started to view other websites which are similar to the ideas which we are having, during a meeting that took place on the 27/02/12.
Here we also discuss relevant other issues such as colour schemes and the type of layout we wanted. More information to follow this on a later date.

2) We start to look and assign different areas to cover within the preliminary report to each person. Although starting later on this because of attendance issues at the start of term, we feel now that we are getting to where we want to be, and a draft for the report will be ready by 03/03/12. We will then proof read the report before making final adjustments, and then making the 06/03/12 deadline.

3) The information the missing teammate missed during the first lecture was relayed back to him during the session on the 23/02/12. He now feels up-to-date and ready to attempt his part within the prelimenary report.

4) We assessed other groups logbooks during the lab session on the 23/02/12. It was easy to see that from this that we need to put more effort and work in, I feel this week we have done that, although we have not made this clear on our logbooks still. This must be improved.

(All present)


This meeting is more about content of work, as we are focusing on getting a decent draft to proof read ourselves ready for our planned date of 03/03/12.

The chosen areas that each person are going to cover in the preliminary report are as follows:
Yoz - Introduction
Jack - Design
Chris - Project Planning
All - Conclusion

There will be a meeting on 03/03/12 to combine all of our sectors and make the report whole. This may take a little while as we will have to integrate everyones ideas.

Then deadline is the 06/03/12. After this we will discuss the next section of the project on 08/03/12.

Details of 01/03/12 meeting:
-We have decided on the tasks that will be talked about in the introduction and how these will then be explained in the design part of the preliminary report.
-The tasks that are then explained are then talked about in project planning and given a date of completion and then a Gantt Chart made about all of them.
-Work will be combined together ready for the 04/03/12, after the lecture at 1pm.
-Work will also be talked over during weekend.

(All present)

The preliminary report was handed in on time on the 6/3/12, and now we plan to start with our website.

Details of todays meeting:
-Attempt to start our website with our basic layout.
-Talk about how we want our website to look.
-Decide on base fonts and sizes for the website for consistency.

(All present)

During the last week we have worked on our website, and now have a basic layout of it.
Also we have started filling in our database, although we still have work to do on it.

Today's meeting:
-Peer review Team 7's preliminary report.
-Discuss further information on our website.

Work has started on our 'myPHPadmin' database, with nearly 20 entries being added, ranging through different genres, prices etc, so that our pages on our website are easy to use these (for e.g the 2.99 dvd's can be used for the sale page)

(1/3 Present)
There was no meeting today as only I attended, however I knew that my fellow teammates would not be here.

-Our basic website is complete, with the links working on every page, and a logo.
-Text just needs to be added to these pages to fill them, along with all of the features that we need for our website.
-Our database needs to be developed some more to be ready to be entered within our website.
-Shorter tasks that were not assigned in the preliminary report need to be handed out to the group, so that we are not confused on what to do during Easter. (Chris will attempt to do this in the coming days).

(1/3 Present)

Yoz was the only person to attend this meeting.


Today, we have spoken to each other via email about how we are going to overcome our difficulty of not seeing each other over the Easter break.

We have planned upon 2 scheduled Skype calls on the 11/04/12 and 18/04/12. These will be to discuss how each other is doing, and
whether we are still on time to finish our project for the return to University on the 23/04/12 with the deadline being the 24/04/12.

Currently, Yoz is filling the completed basic website with writing, as well as creating the logo.


I have today recieved the sent website from Yoz, and am about to start entering the products onto the product page and finding a way of linking this to our database. The database is filled currently with 20 DVDs.


I am struggling to find a way to link the database to our website. The website however, does now have 20 DVDs on the product page, each with name and ID number.


Today was the Skype meeting, the following issues were discussed over a meeting that took 26 minutes:

- Problems linking the database to the website.
- Need to move faster to complete the website on time.
-Following roles to be completed by next Skype call on 18/04/12:

- Chris: Search Bar page to be completed.
- Yoz: The product order form to be made.
- Jack: The contact us form to be made.


Today is the 2nd Skype call of the Easter holidays, and by now we should have all completed the set task.
From the Skype call (17 minutes), we learned that everyone had completed their set task, and have done well.
The next thing to do is when we get back to University, come together as a group and find a way of hosting the web site on the server.


Today is the day before we go back to University, tomorrow we will meet up at 11am in Anglesea building to find a way of linking the server to the website.


Today we have successfully linked the website onto the server, so that the website is now being hosted be the University's server. The deadline is tomorrow, but we have finished early. Now to prepare for Thursday's presentation. Jack is going to make the powerpoint presentation.


The presentation has been postponed until next Thursday 03/05/12 so for now we can make a start on our final presentation.


The presentation went successfully, the final report is now the priority. The deadline is 08/05/12.