B146 Logbook -- Team 2


Project ( Ashley Mallalieu, Kieran Milton and David Wood)
Team Name "The Alabama Slammers"
Team Project *Computer Hardware and Software *

Web Project B146

School of Engineering
Team Name - "The Alabama Slammers"
Team Members - Ashley Mallalieu, Kieran Milton and David Wood)

Student IDs

Ashley Mallalieu - 618080
Kieran Milton - 618581
David Wood - 622128


This week we looked started to plan our website, we came up with ideas of products and services to possibly sell.
Prilimary Report (DUE IN WEEK 5) ( LINK TO POWER POINT https://intranet.eng.port.ac.uk/ic/UnitsStudyInfo/B146/prodoc.pdf )
LINK TO GUIDE TO WRITTING FOR PRILIMARY REPORT https://intranet.eng.port.ac.uk/ic/UnitsStudyInfo/B146/b146cw.pdf


Link to Preliminary Design Report (This should be used just for editing then copied back into this doucment)
People at University of Portsmouth who have the link can view this document (you must be logged in through myport)

Today we reviewed other peoples logbooks (Earned a score of 6 by others)


Meeting at 10:00am - 15:15pm

Today we discussed layout plans and different PHP techniques to use in our program, Now we have come to a conclusion
on how we want our website to look and what type of products/services we want to provide.

We have also made progress on our preliminary design


Lesson at 11am-1pm

Attendees: Kieran Milton
Absent: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood

Today I worked further on the preliminary design and recieved feedback and progression steps necesary. These were worked upon and developed within the Google Doc.
The design must be submitted to the ENG office on Tuesday, so further work will be done by me the team over the weekend.

Today I continued to work on the preliminary design report from home as I was unable to come to class due to illness.


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood, Kieran Milton

Today we had to complete and hand in our preliminary design,
Created an email account to go along with our website ( contactalabama@gmail.com )
Password ( First letter P / last letter H )


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood
Absent: Kieran Milton

Today we working on learning how to operate MySQL system within our website, we also worked on PHP and disscussed which
PHP tools we would like to implement onto our website. Ash and I have decided to use Excel to build our SQL database.


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood, Kieran Milton
Absent: None

We worked on the structure of the website including the checkout system, image gallery and contact page. Database creation was started, with us deciding what range of products we will sell. A discussion was held over the source of


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood
Absent: Kieran Milton

Today we marked another groups work (Team 5) and after serous consideration we gave them 12.5/15 for there prelimary report.

Also today Rinat khausainov talked to us about the absence of Kieran Milton through important parts of the our project such as today,
and mentioned how this should be taken into account when sharing our a percentage of the grade.


Website Update - David Wood

Today I worked on our website, developing the index page along with adding two new pages to the website. The two new pages are "Top Sellers" and "Coming Soon."
The index page as reached a stage were it needs photos to be complete. I've found it hard to develop the formatting of the website without the support
of software and therfore will be investing in some software instead of editing the website with Notepad in the future.


Website Update - David Wood

- Make sure to use php for creating database item links for editing and other features (Instead of directly linking each item in the database)
- Example code under lecture 9 (lectureweek9democode.zip)


Database Update - Kieran Milton

-Worked on the database structure
-Looked at inputs into database and reporting


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood, Kieran Milton
Absent: None

Today we updated eachother on our progress with our individual tasks


Database Update - Kieran Milton

-Still awaiting data for database
-Primary Key field determined and setup
-Image field determined

Next update will be when I receive database content


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood
Absent: Kieran Milton

-Deadline for website is 24 April 2012, we will need to hand in our declaration form BEFORE this date to insure our website is up and running.
We will be to have the website hosted on the university's database before this date also, to insure it works correctly.

-I understand how to host the website, doucments will be stored in Dropbox untill ready for final hosting.

How marks are given

Zhou, S - only earn marks for php/html form related to php /database
Khusainov, R - only earm marks for design and planing of website

Feedback on Preliminary Report

Mark = 43 (One of the lowest in the class)

"The main strengths of this work are a good start with the design and planning. However, both parts need considerable improvement.
Introduction/conclusions: introduction explains well the purpose of the document. The aim of the project is explained in the design part (though should have been done here).
However, detailed functional and non-functional requirements to the web site are missing.

Design: the design section is very brief and provides only very high-level information on the web site structure with little detail for the purpose of separate web pages (or what those pages will be), their
interrelations, etc.Task breakdown and assignments: the section provides task break down and assignments of tasks to team members. However, it is not clear what some individual tasks involve
and how long they would take (e.g. 'Implement and structure each web page' -- how many of pages are there? what should they do? how long could this take?).

Work plan: this part is represented only by the overall unit Gantt chart borrowed from the unit web page and, as such, not really suitable for regular progress monitoring.
Formatting: the report is well formatted and presented overall. Possible improvements include adding section numbering (for ease of referencing), numbered captions to diagrams."


David - Notes

-To help standardise our website all images should be a consistant size, I have implemented the first product onto the index page of the website. All other images should be consistant with this one. (The sizes used for this image are W: 200 H 200)

- Every product added to the website should also be entered into the product information text document (found in the same file as the photos on dropbox) this will allow us to know more information about the product such as where the image came from and details of that product.

- Because the javascript browser detection tool will be earn extra marks I have decided to change all of the website browsers to link to one CSS file.


Ashley - Notes
Today i gathered the images and the specifications that we will need to complete our website and will now be able to start work on the products page.


David - Notes

Today I was able to complete the general template and design for the website, now images of products can be added, I have added some products to the front page under the title
"Recent Releases" I have also added products to the "Coming soon page"


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood Kieran Milton

Huge changes in the website has been discussed.


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood Kieran Milton

Final testing of the website and hosting has been completed, final tweeking and uploading of the database search function is nearly done. At 3:00PM both documents were handed in to the office and we uploaded the final version of the website to meet the deadline


$mysql_host = "mysql8.000webhost.com";
$mysql_database = "a7526299_product";
$mysql_user = "a7526299_team2";
$mysql_password = "Proteam2";



Final report doucment shared via google docs on the 03/05/12


Attendees: Ashley Mallalieu, David Wood Kieran Milton

Final report worked on together and finished