B146 Logbook -- Team 10

Team Members:

Matt Davis
Simon Davis
Jonathan Gadsden

We came to the agreement of our choice of topic as it is something that all members of the team, know and understand alot about the subject.

Team meetings will be after every web project lecture on Thursday as well as any other times members agree

The work will be split out equally between the members, with everyone getting to pick what they want / and or good at, this means that we will be able to get through the workload quicker than if people we're given something that they do not enjoy.

First team meeting - 01/03/12
Today in lab was the first time that we were all together as a team due to several factors such as Illness, and Holidays. We had a team meeting to discuss what we were going to do, and who was going to do what role, the first thing that we decided we needed to complete, as it was due in relatively soon was the preliminary report. We set each other tasks to do duing the labs, and at home to make sure that we had achieved completion in time for the deadline, Matt, worked on the introduction, conclusion and some of the other factors. John did research on the internet on other websites that sold the same product as us (Games and consoles) and I did what our website was going to look like, as well as the flow diagram of how each page would be set out.

Second team meeting - 06/03/12
This meeting consisted of over the internet as we were all in different places. John and Matt sent me their completed parts of the work that we had set earlier in the week, and I added them to the original document that i had sent home from the meeting in the first week. After I had put this together, and made any edits that I could see, i then sent this to the other two so that they could do the same, go through and make any changes to the document that they could see, or think would improve it.

Our next team meeting will take place after the Lab / lecture on Thursday. updates on what we have agreed on will be posted here.