log entry 1 16/02/12 UP624017

Log entry UP627131 : 16/02/12

Log Entry [3] 627131 27/02/12

Held first meeting on the 14/02/12 to discuss what we was going to sell as a company, who's going to complete what part of the project, discussed the yet to be created time management plan.
We also set up our good docs shared account folder which will make it easier for us to communicate, we also all installed drop box which will later enable us to share the website files as this is currently not supported by googel.
At the end of the meeting we all agreed to go away and read the course specification and created a shared breakdown document containing the key aspects.

Held second meeting on the 21/02/12 to discuss the preliminary report and the specification.
We went through and decided who would create and organize which part.
Also we went through and discuses the different aspect of the specification to ensure all team members understood what was going on.

Log Entry [4 629145 30/02/2012 - 06/03/2012]
Started the main design of the website, Added the basics in from such things as creating the three main divs and positioning the divs in the correct positions. The header being a the top of the website the Menu bar being below this header. The navigation bar useing the cool theme look. The content div has been added being the main section of the website. Below this the footer is still to be implemented. added external css to the website as well. So far with three different css. The main css which will control the size and width of the divs. As well as any background colors. Shadow drop has been added to the divs for a nice 3D effect. Another css that has been used is the Content.css this is controlling the main content. For example will be used for such things as Styleing tables, textboxes, and any colors needed to display the products or any other output. The final css that has been added is the menu.css this is controlling ths style of the navigation bar, how it looks, padding, colors, text also how it interacts when hovering over and clicking on a link.

Log Entry [5] [629145 18/04/2012]
Created a title for the banner and also some tidy up of some unused code, Added the other and linked them to the corresponding html page. Added another page called accounts this is a temp or ma by permanent page which will in theory show the users previous orders ect. Still to create the php forms and the database entry's. Also need to add the database of items ect.

Log Entry [6] [629145 19/04/2012]
Managed to ssh in to the website directory and upload the website in its current state, still having trouble working out how to acsses the msql database but once this is complete i will start working on accounts and creating a form for users to register with and hopefully login to see the infomation. added a script to the cataloge page which will pull the infomation from the database regarding products on load. Started the search script function. Need to add styleing to the cataloge page and also Thumbnails. Also need to complete the search functionality