Electromagnetic induction torch

Electromagnetic Induction torch
The electromagnetic induction torch is designed to never need new batteries or a new bulb, this is accomplished by the use of kinetic energy which is converted into electric energy by the use of electromagnetic induction. By using a metal core that passes frequently though a copper coil which creates a current. In order for the energy taken in to last long enough for the user, a low energy bulb is used. Making the torch a handy and always working source for light for use in a home, camping, hiking or just walking around in the dark.

A good design quality of this product is that it uses kinetic energy to power the bulb instead of the conventional batteries. This helps to reduce the amount of disposable batteries that are thrown into landfill. Reducing the amount of damaging chemicals that are released into the environment. A study by Uniross (Europeon leader in rechargeable batteries) states that "In the UK, 660 million batteries are bought each year. 95 percent of these are disposable Ė cumulatively thatís an enormous amount of batteries heading straight to landfill, releasing damaging chemicals into the environment. Itís wasteful and itís unnecessary,Ē. This quote helps me conclude that where this torch doesn't even require replacement re-chargeable batteries, it doesn't pollute are environment when its being used at all.
Where the electromagnetic induction torch doesn't require recharging from a mains power supply it is completely economically friendly in use.

Other uses for Electromagnetic Induction

Electromagnetic induction which is powered by an external kinectic energy source is not used for many products at the moment. However there is a few useful products out there such as the Dyno Torch which is similar but instead of shaking the torch, you pull a lever to power the torch. See image below.
lever powered kinetic torch
There is also more products out there which use this technology such as a radio which you wind. However this technology seems to be limited to small products due to its requirement of kinetic energy from a person. The product I think this technology could be used for is an electric toothbrush. Imagine it an electric toothbrush that never needs new batteries. Using the technology from the induction torch you could have a toothbrush that you shake to charge or even better than that it would charge while you brush.
The design is to use "a linear electrical generator which charges a capacitor when the flashlight is shaken lengthwise. The battery or capacitor powers a high-intensity white LED array. In the linear generator, a sliding rare earth magnet moves back and forth through a solenoid, a spool of copper wire. A current is induced in the loops of wire by Faraday's law of induction each time the magnet slides through, which is used to charge the capacitor.".
This design would specifically be beneficial to this product because it would mean you never need new batteries for your toothbrush. Also it will not run out of power due to not putting it on charge because you can charge it up quickly just by shaking it, then while your brushing, it will stay charged due to the kinetic energy of brushing.

How the Electromagnetic Induction torch has effected The Glow Company

The electromagnetic Induction torch is manufactured and distributed by a company called "The glow company UK Limited". This company sells a huge range of light, glowing Products and light Gizmo's. They also sell a large range of glow in the dark products for good uses. For example a glowing keyring so you can always find your keys when you drop them in the dark, no batteries are required and will last a substantial amount of time (See Product here http://www.glow.co.uk/nite-glow-rings.html ).
As the electromagnetic Induction torch is an environmentally friendly product, it helps promote the brand image of the company. By having lots more economically friendly products on there website store they are seen to care about the environment to there consumers, which gives the glow company and the electromagnetic induction torch a good image.
The design has also made a contribution to the sales revenue of the business as the product is a ideal present for any mechanic, campers or hikers.

The electromagnetic induction torch is designed to be shock resistant and waterproof, unlimited life of its batteries and bulb, virtually indestructible. All of these things help customers when in need of a reliable emergency torch. I believe this has a positive effect on customers and there behaviour. I believe this because if its dark and lets say you have a flat tire on your car while on a car journey. You need to change it at the side of the road and of course with most traditional torches you would get it out of the boot of your car and it would be dead of batteries or the bulb has gone even though you desperately desire some light, and you would probably end up endlessly cursing while changing the tire with no light. But with the electromagnetic induction torch in your boot you would of got out of the boot of your car, give it a shake and there would be light! The reviews for this product show how it promotes good social behaviour( http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/gadgets/energy-saving-shake-torch/1206673/ ) This shows how this products helps stop your behaviour from turning bad after a bit off bad luck from an emergency.

In conclusion the electromagnetic induction torch is a reliable economically friendly product. The design concept could be used in many other products such as an electric toothbrush. It provides a good image for The Glow Company as well as a positive sales revenue. Helps promote positive social behaviour by being reliable and handy. All of these things are make the electromagnet induction torch a fantastic design.

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