Student Projects during Academic Year 2006/7

Authentication System Using Image Based Keys

Many systems today use text-based authentication such as passwords. Recent research suggests that the use of images may be a more effective combination of security and ease of use.

The project goal is to develop a software library that implements a basic authentication method using image based keys. The software library should be flexible enough to be embedded into other systems, particularly Internet applications.

The following steps will be taken to achieve this goal. Identify and evaluate a number of existing authentication systems which make use of image based keys. In doing so identify a weakness or shortcoming, which exists in one of more of one of the systems studied. Develop and implement an authentication system which attempts to address the problem previously identified. Evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed solution in overcoming the problem identified in the existing system. This should, if possible, include evidence obtained from user testing and also examine the extent to which other desirable aspects of such an authentication system may have been compromised in order to make this improvement.

Depending on progress of the project, the work may be included in an open source software project.

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